Monday, 5 April 2010

Prison Break the Conspiracy

For all the 'Prison Break' fans out there the new and much anticipated PS3 game has been a long time coming and now it's finally here! What a FLOP!
The first disappointment was of course that you don't even play as Michael or Lincoln but because of my love for the series perseverance prevailed. But not for long.

The game began with a very sloppy opening dialogue between two characters that did not appear in the series. The story and plot laid out before the gamer was painfully sloppy and poor in every way. The production was nothing more than lazy!

  • The graphics were terrible.
  • Movement of character was appalling. The gamer can only move forward, back, left and right. Even when you attempt to turn around, the character runs backwards. Not to mention that the camera angle is fixed so that the back of the characters head takes up a third of the screen.
  • Characteristics of the real actors were completely wrong.
  • Missions are tedious and repetitive.
(No it's not the Sims although the graphics are that bad)

Tristan Ogilvie from IGN said 'Prison Break: The Conspiracy is just an unenjoyable wretch of a game. It really is quite bad. For starters the game is essentially one continuous fetch quest. In order to make friends with your fellow Fox River in-mates and progress the story along, you have to answer to their every beck and call. Retrieve C-Note's drug stash from the prison boiler room. Take a knife from the kitchen to give to Abruzzi. Collect PUGNAc medication from the infirmary for Scofield. Fetch the receipt for the game from your kitchen garbage bin. Grab you car keys and hope that the store you bought the game from allows refunds. And so on. '

To skip to the point. There was not a single good thing I can say about the development of the game. This was produced to eat into the pockets of all existing fans of the American drama series. It is a disgrace that the writers, producers and actors of the programme allowed their dedicated fans to be exposed to one of the worst video games that has been released on the playstation.

I should have known better and I hope you pass this message on to your peers.

A title has never been more appropriate than 'the conspiracy'.

Sean's Game Rating 1/10

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