Friday, 9 April 2010

My Top 20 Movies

16. Butch Cassidy And The Sundance Kid (1969)
This is the single greatest western of all time. Newman and Redford are heroes of their era and this Movie is truly a classic. In this epic adventure Butch and Sundance go from state to state robbing trains and banks that eventually leads to them being one of the biggest outlaws in the west.Paul Newman was an idol of the 60's and 70's whilst Redford was his extremely talented sidekick.
Sean's Movie Rating 10/10

17. 12 Angry Men (1957)
Yes is it is old and yes it is in black and white but this is still a great movie. How can anyone make a film so great that's set in one room. A production that plays on the emotions of the audience. A production that questions the audiences morality and ethical choices. This is truly a great film and could easily be at my number one if it was not for all the other great movies.

Sean's Movie Rating 10/10

18. Back To The Future (1985)
Before my time yes, but this is timeless. Okay, so maybe if someone makes a time machine one day it probably won't be a Delorean DMC-12, but it might be driven by Christopher Lloyd. It's something about the whole trilogy that has had me watching them repeatedly. I remember the first time I watched number two I wanted a hover board so badly. Why hasn't someone invented that yet?

Sean's Movie Rating 9/10

19. Finding Nemo (2003)
This is My own personal favourite Disney Pixar film ever made. I think this totally trumps 'Toy Story' which seems to generally be peoples favourite. Andrew Stanton (writer) really did create some of the best Disney characters ever. Let's face it who doesn't know who Nemo and Dory are. Perhaps this is out of place in my top 20 but it has sentimental value and it's definitely one of my favourites.

Sean's Movie Rating 9/10

20. What Dreams May Come (1998)
Robin Williams stepping out of his comical cast-type and creating one of his best ever acting performances. In this dramatic romance Chris Nielson (Robin Williams) quite literally dies and goes to heaven and its so much better than the dream. Whilst Chris is in his perfect heaven, his wife is in deep mourning. Not before long she decides life is no longer worth living and she tragically takes her own life. As this dark romantic tale unfolds the audience is shown how far one will go for their soul mate.

Sean's Movie Rating 8/10

Look back soon for the the next five movies.

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  1. Quite good films seanie . Not sure that any of them would be in my top twenty except perhaps what dreams may come . Quite a distubing film I think but brilliant in its own right .Not overly keen on butch cassidy watched to many cowboy films with my dad when i was younger reluctantly I might add.12 angry men great film for its time the storyline was brilliant and its understanding of predjudices in the late fifties is quite surprising considering the ignorance of some people in that era. Ma xxx