Thursday, 8 April 2010

365 Photo's - It Can't Be Done!

You may have read my previous post that expressed that I would take a photo a day in relation to media in some way. Well it's just not possible.

When I first began the project I was a young naive Media Studies student out to conquer the industry with my new inventive ideas on the field of psychological photography but the empire striked back.

Now some 4 or 5 days later I realise that I have a far to busy and hectic life style to accomplish the goals I had recently set out for myself and I see there is a new hope. I am now an experienced realistic media scholar ready to re-invest into classical game, cinema and TV reviews.

I apologize for leading my audience of 6 to a false future in posting a photo a day for a year. But do not fear my followers the Jedi has returned.

Stay tuned for the next post.


  1. Well i for one am disappointed seanie I was looking forward to your daily photos . And dont get to big for your boots or the empire may strike back xx

  2. Gosh, Mr Duffy, you didn't persist very long! I'm on #333 of my 365 days and only had to restage one pic (when the original got munched in a faulty download to my computer).

    Click here for slideshow

  3. My apologies Therin of Andor but I'm just not cut out for the 365 pic project.

  4. I finished my year of daily pics a few weeks ago!