Monday, 31 May 2010

Grand Theft Auto 'The Ballad of Gay Tony'

GTA has pulled one out of the bag with this one. After a very disappointing GTA 4, Rockstar games thought they would go and use the same platform and graphic engine to create a new much more improved and enjoyable game. Your new character Louis finally lives lives up to the infamous CJ of San Andreas.

Although the game is still set in a fairly boring Liberty City, the gaming experience is very exciting and every mission is increasingly adventurous and fun. This is complimented by the all the new weapons and accessories that have been added for a less serious approach to being a gangsta!

The cursing and racial jokes have been taken to the limit and it is incredible that the creators continue to get away with things that really are walking on the tight rope. One line in particular springs to mind when the main character describes someone with a growth deficiency as a little ****.

The Ballad of Gay Tony is simply so much fun to play in comparison to GTA 4 which is of course rather dull. The story and characters are very compelling along with all the new cars and helicopters. This game has given me many laughs and has astonished me in it's unbelievable scenes of sex, drugs and violence.

Be sure to play the first episode of The Lost and Damned as you wont play it after this one because it is soooooo much better.

A very good buy.

Sean's Game Rating 8/10