Monday, 29 March 2010

Heavy Rain - PS3 Game Review

Okay so I'm getting into the swing of this so now for a game review.

Heavy Rain PS3

If your sick of 3rd person shooters that all attempt to be new and unconventional when really their all adaptations or duplications of Call of Duty, Halo and Half-life. If you have had enough of Square-Enix hopelessly trying to get back to the glory days of Final Fantasy 7 with feeble attempts such as Kindgom Hearts, the last remnant and the very recent disappointment Final Fantasy 13 then Heavy Rain will satisfy you to no end.

Spoiler Alert!

When Heavy Rain asked me to kill the father of two young girls to save my son amongst many other unethical and immoral proposition it brought my mental stability and decision making skills into question ( sounds strong I know, wait until you play it ). Ignore some slight downfalls or ambiguous plots and you will feel a very enjoyable, intense and satisfactory gaming experience.

The graphics of the game prove to be very impressive through the use of new technology that allows actual people to act out scenes of the game which is then converted into game graphics that completely replicate the features of that actor. This is all very impressive but you can see this for yourself through the special features unlocked as you progress through the game.

How this game is very different to anything else you have played before is through the use of characters. You play as four different people throughout, but it gets really exciting when you are faced with difficult situations which lead to susceptible fates. So yes if you make the wrong decision at any point of the game at any time with any character this could result in a ripple effect and will change the fate of the remaining characters.

Chris Ropper ( IGN ) says: "What's really interesting is that Heavy Rain manages to always keep you on your toes, and if you don't pay attention and keep your cool, you'll pay for it. There are action sequences that happen when you least expect them, and if you're not ready, you may "fail" them. In other cases, the opposite is true: events can happen very quickly and your gut instinct may be to react to them, when the best option may have been to wait for a better opportunity (or not react at all). The first time this last bit happened to me, I had to stop playing for a minute and think about what I'd done and what the consequences would wind up being. Things can get pretty intense, to say the least. "

Once I completed this game I just wanted to play again, but instead I took much enjoyment in watching friends make the same or worse mistakes in different scenarios. If you get to this point it's most enjoyable if you do not help them in any way so you can then laugh in their face. Good times.

Sean's Game Rating 9/10

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